The Start Of LoveYOUself 🌸

LoveYOUself was created by Ashanti Chanel in 2016. In life she had experienced heartaches that turned her into a strong black young woman she is today. Growing up being raised by her grandparents was very tough, She didn’t have the best relationship with her mother and she didn’t know who her father was at the time, Because of these problems in her life she went through bullying from classmates that had seen what she was going through. For years she remained quiet and held in all of her pain until enough was enough. In 2016 Ashanti decided to write her feelings out as a outlet but it turned into something more. She realized that God allowed her to experience heartaches to help mend the hearts of other young women across the world through her writing and speaking. She created LoveYOUself for young women that had been bound by society, that have been told “You aren’t pretty enough!” “You will never be anything!” She wants woman to know that you deserve to love what God created you to be, because he loves it even more! We are all learning to grow and love ourselves, but the best thing is WE ALL NEED A LITTLE DIRT TO GROW!