True Beauty Starts In The Heart Series✨ RESPECT✨


Ask yourself:

✨ In hard situations do you think wisely?

✨ Do you lash out when under pressure & make new enemies?

Definition of Respect: a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

When you respect someone you honor them in ways that only show that. Just as we respect & honor our God really ask yourself do you do that to his people? Now maybe you don’t see them to be any good, but isn’t being God’s child enough? He has all made us Kings & Queens. We are royalty in his eyes, but why don’t we treat each other like so?

There will be times in your life where you come across people that may be mistreating you, talking bad about you, or you even may be doing visa versa, but really think about this. God will not never punish you for what others have done to you, but he will hold you accountable for what you do to others. David was convinced by his men to kill Saul & as he began to cut his robe, God made him realize “This is God’s child too, this is the lords anointed one.” Even though Saul had been hunting for him to kill him, David still realized that the lord didn’t call him to kill him. He called him to humble himself, forgive him, & spare him. Relate this to your life, is there a girl in class that’s always make petty remarks? Is there an ex that constantly keeps ticking you off? Remember that you can’t help what people do to you, but you can prevent how far it gets. Think wisely before you speak, just because that person isn’t respecting you, you can still respect God enough to spare his children because you are one of them. We’ve all heard that saying “Don’t fuel the fire.” There will be times where people will do the meanest things to you but are you going to gain more enemy’s by going off, or are you going to cover your enemies in love to the point where they have no choice but to see the God in you.

Reference ✨1 Samuel Chapter 24


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