True Beauty Starts In The Heart Series✨ COURAGE

I’m so excited to be back posting! I’ve came up with the idea of every week I will created a new series. This week is True Beauty Starts In The Heart✨ Today we will be talking about Courage, but before that let’s get the understanding of what courage means.

Definition of Courage: The ability to do something that frightens one. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

Ask yourself 🌸

✨ Are you going to take the opportunities that have been placed before you?

✨ Are you going to defend what you believe about God?

✨ Are you going to stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves?

Having courage is a risk you take that could change how others see you, it could change how the world sees you. Are you willing to do all of that for God. Are you willing to stand up & stand alone for his glory & plan for you ?

There are many man and women that showed courage throughout the Bible, but the biggest one that stuck out to me was Judah. His father had lost one son and if he lost another he knew it would send him to death. He promised him that he would bring back his brother for his father sake even if that meant him being in a bad situation. Judah basically said “Take me instead” Judah was willing to enslave himself just so his father would be at peace. He stepped up even when fear tried to bound him. Can you make those sacrifices in your life? SACRIFICE , Can you sacrifice your fleshy desires for purity. Can you sacrifice you being cool & trying to fit in for living boldly for God. Can you have the courage to be a servant to God the way Judah did?

Genesis chapter 44 for reference ✨

2 thoughts on “True Beauty Starts In The Heart Series✨ COURAGE”

  1. I exactly can’t tell whether I’ve this sort of courage or not but I sure 100% know that I’ll definitely help people in need. 😊 thanks for this inspirational post ❤


  2. Great post ,a wonderful reminder of owning our faith ,living everyday for him can’t wait to read other works in this series


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