Women’s Empowerment 🌻

Hello love-bugs🌻 If you’re just reading this and don’t know anything about me, My name is Ashanti Chanel ✨ I’m a Faith & Beauty blogger. My organization is called LoveYOUself 🌸 where I encourage women to break society’s boundaries and be everything God has created them to be! For more information feel free to go to my website Loveyouselfac.com

✨ A few months back I asked would any of you be interested in sending letters of encouragement to each other and I got a great response. I’m so happy to announce that it will be in full affect starting now ✨

All you will be doing is writing a letter of encouragement to another young lady( Your paired lovebug💕, since love-bugs come in pairs lol get it 😂) . I don’t want to tell you exactly who I’m sending it to until you finish your letter just because I want it to be something that’s coming genuinely from your heart. Encourage a young women the way you would want to be encouraged 🌻 I pray God lays it on your heart to do this. Email me at loveyouselfac@gmail.com if interested so I can give you more information & pair you up with your Lovebug💕

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