What Are Your Barriers πŸŒ»

🌻 The best asset we have in this life is the capacity to grow and change. We don’t have to stay stagnant, there is always room for us to grow more, but why am I not growing is the question. Some of us are slacking in our physical, mentally, and most importantly our spiritual.

🌻 Why am I not growing? Think about this, If you were to take a catfish and put it in a small fish tank, that fish would only grow to be 12 inches long and it might weigh a quarter of a pound, But if you took that identical catfish and place it in a lake, it might grow to be 3 feet long and weight 60 pounds. Relate this to your life, there are barriers in your life that are blocking your growth. For the fish, the tank was it’s barrier, but when its environment change it was able to grow. You only will grow to the limit your environment allows.

🌻 Take the time to ask yourself, “What are the barriers in my life?” Admit that you need growth, spot the barriers that you are keeping in secret, then ask for help with these barriers. A lot of us feel like we have to wait to be perfect to ask God for help, but he’s here to help you regardless of everything we have done. You may grow and change, but God’s love will ALWAYS remain. It’s the time and season for growth!

🌻 Scripture: Philippians 3:12 ” Paul says not that I have already attainted or am already perfected, but I press on that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.

Shanti 🌻

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