The Full Picture

First, I want y’all to look at the picture above and ask yourself, “What’s the animal next to the duck?” Unless you’ve seen the full photo before, you probably won’t be able to guess correctly. I could ask ten different people and they’d all give me different answers. Why?

Because I only gave you a snippet of the picture rather than the full photo, it’s easy for you to make the wrong judgement. So if you guess and say that the animal next to the duck is a lion (it’s not lol) then you’ll probably go your whole life believing that that’s what that picture has in it.

As Christians, sometimes we give people partial pictures of our lives. On Sundays we’ll be singing and praising and praying for everybody, but on the other 6 days of the week, is that same Sunday fire still within us? If I accidentally cut you off in traffic are you gonna curse me out? Will you spread rumors about that person you who made you mad when you go to your friend’s house? Was the last time you talked to God last week on Sunday? Not only do we advertise our false lifestyles at church, but especially on social media as well! We can post inspirational quotes and scriptures all day long on Instagram, but if our behind-the-scenes actions conflict with the lifestyle that we try to show people, then it all means nothing. James 2:14 asks “What’s the point of saying you have faith but won’t show it? Can that type of faith save anyone?”

People are watching us everyday. So, everything we do needs to line up with our faith in God. Part of the reason why people laugh at Jesus is because we’re misleading them! We’re saying that we love Jesus, yet we’re still being mean to God’s children! This makes them think, “Hmm, if they claim to be a Christian then I don’t wanna be one if that’s what they do”. The world is seeing an incomplete picture of what it means to be a Christian. It’s like we’re cropping out the other side of the picture and letting people believe that Christians are hypocritical, judge mental, mean, selfless, and evil. Because of our Partial Pictures, people have Poor Perspectives, which Produces Prejudices.

Of course no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but if we’re not learning from our mistakes then we’re turning them into habits, which become lifestyles. Today, allow God to show you how to walk in COMPLETE faith. Ask Him to help you in those areas that you struggle in so that you can give someone a FULL picture of what it means to be a Christ follower. You never know, you may be the only piece of Jesus that someone gets to experience.

James 2:26 “The body without the spirit is dead. In the same way, faith without good works is dead.”

Ps: the animal next to the duck is a bull! You get 5 points if you guessed correctly lol.


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