35 Days Of Love 💕 | Day 3 | Forgiveness 🌸

The girl who decided to forgive…

I got my heart broken years ago before I really understood what a heartbreak was. I felt a sense a brokenness, loneliness, the biggest pains in my chest. How could you break the heart of your own, the one you love, the one you created. You told me you loved me, you would never leave me, you even promised me. I remember crying and scream you to stay the day you left, but you still decided to leave. I asked God over and over growing up ” God why is this happening to me, Why did you choose me to go through this?” I was so blinded by the plan that he had for me that I harped on the pain so much and turned it to hatred. When you came around the simple conversations turned into arguments. The craziest thing was I couldn’t even explain exactly why I was angry because I had been angry for so long. Being told over and over again ” Get over it!” broke me even more. This world hates pain so much that we always try to find the quick and easy way out, ” The microwave generation” Yall do know microwaves are unhealthy right? I decided to “Get over it!” but that only buried me under. See, I thought my anger would end when you got better, but what if you never do? Am I gonna stay anger my whole life? Am I gonna dislike you so much that I turn into what you became? I always thought forgiveness was forgiving a person after the hardship is done, But that precious, father, God showed me other wise. When I was so busy being angry, I decided to walk away from God when he was crying and screaming my name… the same way I said your name. Even when I decided to leave he loved me and was willing to accept me as I was. He didn’t wait till I was “pure and perfect” He forgave the dirty Ashanti. God wouldn’t be the God he is if he held things against us, and if he created me with a purpose then I will never be who he has created me to be with this burden. Forgiving those that have hurt me, but especially you, has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. I’ve finally came to the point in my life that forgiveness isn’t for you, it’s for me and I deserve it. So Hi, it’s Ashanti, the girl who decided to forgive, that’s learning to forgive more and more everyday. My life in these 19 years have been pretty hard, but I believe that God choose me to go through these heartaches to help uplift and encourage you. I want you to always remember that forgiveness is not a one day process, issa long process but with God you can handle anything! (Philippians 4:13) I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me. I pray this encouraged you let go and forgive, because through everything you have done, there was one friend that died just so you could see tomorrow… JESUS! If God held the sins over the heads of those back then, where would we be? NOT HERE! Because he loved us, he gave to us. I know how it feels to have someone hurt you so bad, but maybe what they need is LOVE. Hurt people, hurt people, why? because they don’t know how to show love, only hurt. Change the cycle, Change the generation, CHANGE YOURSELF.

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