Lies From The Enemy 🌸

“You will end up like the rest of your family members.”

“You won’t make it!”

“You won’t accomplish your dreams.”

“No one will ever like you”

“Everyone hates who you are and what you do so stop!”

….All lies that the enemy tries to tell me constantly every single day. Sometimes you get so use to it that you don’t realize it hurts until you actually sit down and think about it. It seems like you can’t really see any light through the darkness that over shadows you sometimes, but I’m here to tell you that God still loves you through it all.

See, his love for you never stops. Nothing can separate you from the love that God has for you. His love is unconditional, everlasting, it’s not going anywhere! Even when I sin, he still loves me. Even when I beat myself down, he still loves me. Even when I feel like everyone is against me, he still loves me.

The enemy sees Gods love for me and knows that it can only strengthen me. He tries to use my past as a way to hinder me, but its only going to uplift me because I will no longer feed into the lies of the enemy.


Shanti 🦋


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