Forgiveness 💫

💫 Forgiveness is something that we all know we need In order to grow but we still act like it’s not essential for personal growth. No matter how big or small a situation is, we all find it hard to forgive. 

💫 You’re probably thinking “I have forgiven that person”, but do you find yourself angry at that person a lot for no reason, do you always connect that one heartbreaking situation to them still? Are you still looking at the negative instead of the postive? Now you’re most likely thinking “Well how can I forgive someone that broke my heart so bad, that embarrassed me, that ruined my reputation. The situation is too big, they did too much!” 

💫 The best example I can give you that shows that you can forgive someone no matter how big the situation is, is when Jesus was nailed, hands and feet, to a ragged wooden cross about to die for the sins of people that didn’t even accept him. They hated him for living out his purpose, threatened him, etc. and he was still asking God to forgive them! Now you might say “Well I’m not Jesus!” Lol but if you call yourself a Christian isn’t he the goal that you’re reaching for? 

💫 Forgiveness is hard, it definitely wasn’t meant to be easy. I feel like it’s so hard for us, because we see forgiveness as being weak or giving back to the other person, but you’re really giving back to yourself. All the hurt and pain they caused you will be returned back to the sender. When you forgive them you have accepted that love,joy, and kindness back that they took from you! Forgiveness isn’t for the other person it’s for you! 

💫 We even sometimes blame God for letting that person hurt us. “Why would you put me in this situation, why would you let them hurt me, why would you even bring them in my life?” God knows how you feel, he had to sit back and watch these hateful people kill his only son, just so that we can live without the burden of sin.

💫  Put yourself in Jesus position and apply his situation to today’s life. We all have a story, we all have been through some hard times, but our heartache and pain isn’t just to help us, it will eventually help your neighbor. We don’t just go through struggles just to say we made it, we go through them to help someone else make it. Jesus humbled himself and allowed people to hang him up on a cross just to give them life. We need to humble ourselves and allow ourselves and people to have life by forgiving them and showing others that you can forgive. God covers the big and the small things. He will help you forgive one step at a time, all you have to do is reach out to him. Stop living a life full of grudges and start living through forgiveness.

💫 Luke 23:24

“Jesus said “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.”


Shanti 💓

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