What Do You Do When Life Happens? 🌸

Why is life full of so many unexpected twists and turns? Why is it still hard to adapt to life and deal with its unexpected shots even when we live life everyday? When people say “life is a journey”, it really is, and this is something that I’m still realizing. I’ve only been on this earth for 18 years and it seems like I’m still a newborn baby figuring out the ways of life. As a child, the media fools us into thinking that life is easier, funnier, and more amazing when we’re older. We rush so fast to grow up. We grow up and life says, “Hah! You thought🙂” and you say, “Bruhhhhhhhhhh😑”. It’s funny how when we’re in school, the teachers are teaching us so many things we think we need in life, but what we’re learning about doesn’t help us deal with lost parents, broken hearts, etc. What do you do when life happens? Let’s fast forward: we graduate with degrees thinking we know it all, and we feel as if we have life figured out because we have a job with good money, a family, and no worries at the moment. Then life happens. You lose your job, get a divorce, and the other parent gets custody of the children. What do you do when life happens? Let’s fast forward some more: even though you fell down, you picked yourself back up and created your own business. Life is great again, you have plenty money, and no worries. You think that since you know what it feels like to be at the bottom, you now know everything about life. You think you know how to deal with life and its shots. Then life happens AGAIN. You get too greedy and lose your business. Were you prepared for this? What do you do when life happens? Life is a journey with twists and turns. There’s no map or GPS. So how do you know what to do when life happens? Simply put, you don’t. Nobody knows what to do. All you can do is show your teeth😁! SMILE! Life is hard, so it isn’t something that you just learn once and know everything about because as you get older and as life goes on, you will continue to learn how to deal with life. Stay POSITIVE😊Now, that may be the last thing you think of doing, but that is the best thing to do! No matter how hard it is, DON’T QUIT! Are you just gonna sit there and let life pass you by, or are you gonna stay positive and change it? What do YOU do when life happens? 



P.S. I just want to thank my youth pastor KD for instilling so much wisdom in me. He is truly an inspiration❤️

9 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Life Happens? 🌸”

  1. Beautiful post!! I’m 20 years old and I constantly wonder how I’d be when Life really hits me, how I’d manage everything… I just have to stay positive and enjoy the ride 😁

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  2. Great read! I feel like this is relatable to everyone! Speaking for myself, I continuously come across high parts and low parts in my life and I understand that everything is about balance but when the lows hit it really makes you wonder what else can happen and what is my next move. At times it can seem like everything in life is horrible but the truth is you have made it through so much, you will make it through whatever is thrown your way just depends what approach you take which will bring a certain result!

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  3. I love you post – it’s so positive and optimistic. I’ve been through a lot but I try to take it as a lesson, not as a failure or something bad. There is no point in dwelling and crying about it, you have to get up and face it.

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